Friday, August 24, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: New Glarus Brewing Totally Naked American Pale Lager

Correspondent Ed is beginning to like this beer review thing....

It's a crisp afternoon in Green Bay and I'm at a 'tweener party thinking back on a blissful wedding and thinking forward to the electric reception to come.  I decide to go local with my beer choice, and so I'm sipping some Totally Naked by Wisconsin's own New Glarus Brewing Company.  The party is a bit more of a holding pattern than a party, so I'm hopeful the beer will freshen up my mood.  Plus I've just watched the grill wheeze out its last breath, and so any hope of grilling a few Wisconsin brats I brought is now dead and buried.

I cross my legs and wiggle my toes -- no shoes allowed by the hosts at this party -- and pick up the semi-cold bottle.    I give it a pour; it's yellow, bubbly, and crystal clear.  I try to breathe a little in, but this one has no nose.  Now I take a big drink and perhaps not surprisingly I find there's no flavor either.

I sit back and read the outside of the label:  "This is beer at its most basic."
Okay, I get it now, and the joke's on me.

So there I sit on the porch, wading through the small talk and drinking some generic beer, all dressed up in my wedding best but sadly feeling . . . . . totally naked.

Totally Naked (4.2%ABV), New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus, Wisconsin.

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