Saturday, April 23, 2011

Notes on the North London Derby

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I had to do something while watching Arsenal jump out to a two goal lead at the Lane on Wednesday, so I just started typing.  Herewith, my notes:
  • It's nice to see the FA rewarding competency in handing the reins to Martin Atkinson for both the Spurs - Arsenal game, as well as the FA Cup final. After all, it's not like he's made any high profile mistakes this season. And when the beady-eyed Englishman somehow managed to miss Abou Diaby's bone-crunching tackle on my man-crush, Luka Modric, it only further solidified my opinion that he's incompetent or corrupt.  So take that FA.
  • Apparently Uncle 'arry forgot to tell his boys to play defense in his pre-match instructions, as they gave away acres of space to the Gooners on their way to conceding a couple of goals in the opening 12 minutes, and three in the first half.
  • The more I watch the game tonight, the more I think the PFA awards are a total freaking joke. Samir Nasri up for player of the year?  If he wants to win he should score more than once every 15 games, which was the length of his drought before he finally figured out how to put it past the 'keeper tonight. And although Rafael Van der Vaart also scored in the game, his productivity has declined steeply since he first entered the League. How many goals does he have since January?  I'm unsure as to the exact total, but I'm certain the answer is in the vicinity of not many.
  • And PFA player of the year?  C'mon down, Gareth Bale, and bask in the collective adulation that's coming your way for one assist this season. That's one, as in 1 -- and as a winger, you would think assists would be one of his main responsibilities. And was that Young Player of the Year Jack Wilshere riding pine for the first half of this most important game? You don't think there's a chance the London-biased media influenced the awards' outcome, do you?
  • ESPN's Ian Darke said it all when he said the following: "The second half is going to be a big test of Arsenal's belief, character, and mental resolve.". You got that right, Ian. Consider it test failed.
  • On a swearwatch note, it was endearing to see Young Player of the Year Jack Wilshere setting an example for youth worldwide by telling Rafael Van der Vaart to "F*ck off" right in front of referee Atkinson and television cameras broadcasting the action worldwide. Call me jaundiced, but somehow I don't think the media will make a big deal of this....  And maybe it's just me, but is Jack Wilshere's petulance beginning to annoy anyone else?  The kid's got way too much attitude for someone his age, and I don't mean that in a good way.
  • Wojciech Szczesny may have gotten away with going walkabout once in the second half, but he didn't get away with a penalty about 10 minutes later.  When Arsene Wenger is dragged kicking and screaming to the insane asylum, he'll be muttering "It's all the goalkeeper's fault. It's all the goalkeeper's fault."
This is farlieonfootie for April 23.

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