Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of the Road

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Some brief, random and not very funny thoughts on Spurs' unfortunate 4-nil loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League last evening:

  • Ray Wilkins may have been a helluva Assistant Coach during his time at Chelsea, but I found myself spending long periods of time while listening yesterday wondering if it's possible for him to be any more annoying as an announcer. If I heard Wilkins say "Stay on your feet" one more time during the early action, I was going to have to throw up. It was almost enough to make me want to see him return to Stamford Bridge, just so I wouldn't have to worry about listening to him anymore (other than in my nightmares, of course). "Keep the ball, enjoy the ball and have some fun with the ball," was another pearl of wisdom Ray dropped during the game.  I knew exactly what he meant, sort of.

  • Peter Crouch was, in the wise words of his coach, a very "silly boy."  I don't know what the skinny giraffe was thinking, but he clearly wasn't using his head when he managed to collect two yellow cards in the game's first 15 minutes, putting Spurs in a bit of bother from which they never really recovered.

  • Crouchie's dismissal made a tough task virtually impossible, compounding the early double hammer blows of Lennon being ruled out pre-game, and Spurs gifting a 4th minute goal to the home side. The result?  Uncle 'arry's gamebook was thrown completely out the window. I can't remember a single threat Spurs created, as they were forced to expend virtually every ounce of their energy in trying to keep the early 1-nil lead from being extended -- which worked to a point. Although it's unfair to say given the previous comments, Bale was largely ineffective, VDV and Modric mostly invisible, and I can barely recall Jenas' name being mentioned.

  • I thought Real was extremely effective in pressing Spurs high up the pitch on Tuesday, and forcing turnovers. It made me realize once again that English teams, with the singular exception of Arsenal, generally don't hold the ball very well. Not to confuse possession with goals -- that's the mistake Arsenal has always made -- but it makes the English teams more reliant for their offense on the quick counter or the long pass than are their compatriots in the other leagues (notably Barca and Real).

  • Spurs vs Real, battle of the fullbacks: Sergio Ramos vs Benoit Assou-Ekotu: one player over-concerned about his hairstyle vs. another player under-concerned about his hairstyle. Once again, advantage Real on the evening.

  • Spurs fans: how much do you hate Emmanuel Adebayor now?  I'm guessing the answer is sllightly more than you did earlier today after the ex-Gooner's brace.

This is farlieonfootie for April 6.

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