Friday, January 21, 2011

On Blackpool and My Other Favorite Charlie

Columnist Ed, on Blackpool, and two of his favorite Charlies:

It appears that few other than us here at farlieonfootie believe that Charlie Adam is worth more than £ 3.5 million, and so as each day passes it becomes more likely that he will remain a Tangerine.  This is obviously good news for Blackpool fans, and, I think, for Charlie Adam.  The Tangerine story is compelling and not yet finished; it would be a shame for him to depart before his work is done.

Last week, the Tangerines were beaten by a bottom-of-the-barrel West Bromwich Albion side.  While the game drew some positive reviews in the press, it was actually the worst game Blackpool has put together in quite some time.  Perhaps this was the result of the emotional game against Liverpool on Tuesday – the lack of depth of the team is always a concern.  Regardless, other than Vaughan, who scored a top flight goal and played extremely well at midfield, Blackpool’s typical rapid and sharp passing was off, and Neil Eardley was once again exposed repeatedly at the right defensive position.  

In fact, Coach Holloway had to pull Eardley in the second half because his play had become such a problem.  It pains me to say this, but while Eardley plays hard, his lack of pace and physical skill are continually a problem.  Expect the opposition to work his side more and more every week until he either raises his play (surprisingly, he’s only 22) or a change is made.

This week Blackpool is at home against Sunderland, whose head was recently removed when Darren Bent was sold for an astounding £18 million to Aston Villa.  I say astounding because that seems a lot for a team like Villa to pay in light of their recent fire sale of their squad.  In spite of this transfer, I expect Sunderland to come out charging in an attempt to prove that Bent is not needed.   However, if Blackpool is able to withstand this initial charge, the confidence of Sunderland should start to wane.  Blackpool will also need DJ Campbell to step up again; his missed opportunities at West Brom were painful.  Prediction?  I expect a Blackpool victory in this one, by a score of 2 to 1.

By the way, what’s up with that Sky Sports News transfer touch screen?  They have their commentators touch the team and then they click the player at issue.  The player does this bit where he turns takes a step and crosses his arms.  I have yet to see them fail to have footage of a player doing this.  Weird.  Kind of makes me want to do it and send it in to them....

More interestingly, a Charlie other than Charlie Adam has caught my attention at the network, and I’m speaking here of Charlie Webster.  The other evening she was commentating in a red cocktail dress and it definitely left me flaring my nostrils a bit (I find the ladies love that move). 

Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.

Kind of crazy, really, here in the US of A we’ve got Chris Berman and Linda Kohn, and in dreary old Britain they’ve got ladies like Charlie winking at me and talking all British like about "Leicester this" or "Newcastle that," or whatever really, doesn’t matter much.  Time to step it up ESPN . . . . .

This is farlieonfootie for January 22.

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