Monday, November 3, 2014

You're As Good As Your Front Two (or One)

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Ed sums up the current state of the Barclay's Premier League:
You're As Good As Your Front Two (or One) -- Is it true?  Well, in this year's Premier League it seems to be.

Take Manchester City.  They are a completely different team with Sergio Aguero in the lineup.  He put four up on Spurs and another on United though he could have had another in the first game and two more from PK's in the second.  Dzeko is an excellent player but Aguero may be the best in the BPL.

Take Liverpool.  Without Sturridge and Suarez they've looked completely ordinary.  Or maybe worse than that.  Everyone's picking on Stevie G, but the bottom line is they've had 50 premier league goals on the bench or playing for another team.  Good luck making the top four without them.

Take Chelsea.  Diego Costa has put them on top; Fernando Torres and Samuel Eto were never going to get it done.

And of course take Spurs.  Since the move of Bale they've struggled.  Adebayor is back in mid-contract form, and Soldado just doesn't seem very good.  The top scorer on the team has been, shockingly, Nacer Chadli.  But I'm hoping that may change with academy boy Harry Kane.

Midweek in the Europa League Kane put three in the back of the net and played goal.  Okay, he gave up a goal on the only shot at him, but still, it's the effort that counts.  And Sunday against Aston VIlla, when Coach Pochitino finally removed the listless and ineffective Adebayor and replaced him with Kane, Spurs attack came alove.  He also finished the game with a terrific winner off a free kick.

One often wonders what makes teams pay so much for finishers.  But this year's BPL is a great reminder.  It recalls that wonderful adage of Ray Hudson:  "God must love mediocre strikers because he sure makes lots of them."
This is farlieonfootie for November 3.

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