Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's it All About, Gylfi?!

Two days in a row; what's going on here?  Correspondent Ed is what's going on:

Spurs looked horrific this Sunday against Stoke, but sadly they are playing pretty much as I would expect them to play.  In short, the line up is pretty poor.  Uncle Harry had Kaboul playing pretty well at Spurs, but that was a long time and a long injury ago.  Vertonghen also seems to play as if he cares little.  At left back, Danny Rose has proven fast, quick, and otherwise mediocre, and the same can be said of the right back position.  Walker may have been reckless but he could also provide a lot of pressure from that side.  At midfield, Capoue is just about a step down from Huddlestone, and Mason is a poor man's Tom Cleverly (I know, that's too mean).  Townsend is a super fast one move pony, and on the other side is Nacer Chadli (great name!), whose proven to be pretty good, but not that good.  Finally at striker we have "I'm not in a contract year" Adebayor, the $28MM bust from La Liga named Soldado, and of course, the home town boy who is these days the best of the three, Harry Kane (plus he plays goalie).

Here's a ray of sunshine though:  Kane, Rose, Mason, and Townsend all came through the academy and all started against Stoke.  I get it and I like it, but right now they're not enough and the rest of the team is even less of enough.

I recall Spurs moving Gylfi Sigurdsson to go with Erikson and Lamela.  Well, Christian Eriksen has been disappointing -- the poor man's Gylfi? -- and Lamela has been a lot of flash and potential but very little production.  In short, Gylfi has outperformed them both by a lot.

So where am I going with this?  Well, I'm not trying to protect Pochettino, but the reality is that these aren't his players seem very middle of the table to me.  Combine that with the fourth manager in the last two and a half years and one might suggest that management is blowing it.  These are great days for the Premier League and Spurs are missing out.  Perhaps it's time for Daniel Levy to start feeling the heat.  After all, what do you call a team that sells one of the best players in the game and spends it on mediocrity?


Oops.  I meant Spurs.

You get it.

This is farlieonfootie for November 12.  

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