Saturday, May 10, 2014

Goodbye Ya Ya

Parting thoughts on the BPL season from Correspondent Ed:

o I can't help but be sad for Liverpool....  I was very sad for Gerrard and their draw  at Palace actually makes it easier. What a shocking and colossal mess they made of the last few games: the title was in their hands only to slip through.....  And who really wants to see City win the league?  Yuck.  Their's a team that it's just tough to like -- they still have that mercenary feel to them.  Maybe in a  few years....

That said, Ya Ya Toure, in addition to being a perennial member of the all-name team, is truly a great player and arguably the best in the League.  He looks most of the time like he's jogging awkwardly or painfully, but rarely loses the ball in possession or on a pass, has incredible speed (as demonstrated against Aston Villa) and terrific vision.  He is very much deserving of a championship and probably more attention in a soccer world that seems to focus only on strikers.

o I remain shocked at the sad sack finish of Manchester United.  I would never have bet them to finish behind Spurs -- and Spurs came in 6th!  Even Ryan Giggs couldn't inspire them to win out.  Is it possible that this was just a team that has hit the tipping point?  Whose players just aren't what they used to be?  How did Valencia, Nani, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, etc. etc., go from top tier world beaters to utter mediocrity?  It's difficult to say, and it will be interesting to see what happens to them next year.  At least they don't have that useless Europa League to deal with.

As for Spurs, well, this season was a tremendous disappointment.  In times such as these I like to recall Harry Redknapp, the Manager that was merely a "wheeler dealer" and was tactically insufficient.  So insufficient that he was able to get Spurs into 4th place in three of his four years.  Yep, he was no AVB....

At this point Spurs best hope would be for someone to come in to square away the squad.  Duplications and busts abound; it's time to clean house and put a squad together that makes sense.  And maybe dump Soldado.

o Chelsea was not a disappointment, and the Special One proved his specialness with the best run of all the BPL teams in the Champions League, as well as a terrific finish in the BPL.  This was a team that never had a striker, and whose best players -- Cole and Lampard -- are past their prime.  Mourinho didn't do anything extra special, he just didn't make mistakes and had a team of disciplined players.  Perhaps that simple formula says it all.

So goodbye for a summer BPL.  We will miss you.  At least when the World Cup isn't on......

This is farlieonfootie for May 10. 

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