Saturday, May 3, 2014

Damage Control: Manchester United 0 - Sunderland 1

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The damage done to Manchester United under its former manager showed that it will take well more than a single week to undo, as a listless home side lost to Sunderland at Old Trafford on Saturday, the game and United's offense moving at a torpid pace throughout the afternoon.  Offering up a performance that looked as uninspired as it felt, the only silver lining for the club is that the most recent loss -- United's 12th of the season -- mirrored Tottenham's weak performance earlier in the day, and continued to insure that the Europa League will not interfere with the team's schedule next season.  

Herewith the individual performances in a match that will be glossed over very quickly in the season review DVD

De Gea: Uncharacteristically atrocious clearances in both halves. His best defenders after the interval were the goalpost and the bar. 5.5

Jones: Featured on offense as well as defense. 6.0

Ferdinand: Looked every bit of his 35 years today. 5.5

Vidic (c): Wide with his header and should've been dismissed for his tackle on Altidore near the final whistle. 5.0

Evra: He's trying but it just ain't there for him this season. 5.5

Nani: Consistently inconsistent and much too easily moved off the ball. 5.0

Carrick: Ventured further forward but lost Larson when it mattered most.  Too many poor, slow passes and turnovers to count. 4.5

Fletcher: Did next to nothing to stop the cross that led to Sunderland's opener.  It was an inspiring comeback, but it may be time to call time on his United career. 4.5

Young: A busy first half but unable to supply much quality. Looked better on the left than on the right, but we're using "better" in a relative sense. 4.5

Mata: Managed to find the open man but was unable to unlock the defense. 6.0

Hernandez: A nice touch to open the game but a paucity of opportunities afterward.  Fluffed his only clear cut chance. 5.5


Januzaj (Nani), 52: Made an immediate impact upon entering the game but was unable to spark a comeback. 6.0

van Persie (Mata), 67: Narrowly missed an opportunity to equalize and showed his timing is not back yet. 5.5

Welbeck (Young), 67: N/A 

This is farlieonfootie for May 3.

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