Monday, November 18, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Cisco Brewers' The Grey Lady Witbier

The Location: Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida.

The Date: Saturday, November 16th, prior to the kickoff of Brazil vs. Honduras.

The Time: 5:47pm, Eastern Daylight Time

The Weather: 74 degrees, moderate breeze blowing from the east.

The Scene: The scent of paella cooking on an outdoor gas-fired ring, soccer balls and footballs flying nearby, a group composed of adults and children receiving a thumbs up from the Honduran woman across the parking lot.

The Music: Bring it on Home, Little Big Town

The Beer: The Grey Lady Witbier, Cisco Brewers (4.50% ABV)

The Taste: Drunk from the bottle.  Notes of lemon with a peppery spice, with a slight bit of orange on the back end; Coriander and yeast also upfront in the taste profile.  Relatively dry finish for a witbier. It's sweet and sour co-mingled in a bottle.

The Feel: Saturday Night + Paella + Soccer + Friends = Good Times 

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