Monday, January 28, 2013

The Passive Agressive Cup

photo by Stephen Fulljamesvia PhotoRee

The fifth round of the FA Cup produced some spectacular results, with non-league side Luton ousting top flight Norwich City, Aston Villa being ejected from a second cup competition in three days,  Chelsea nearly being dismissed by Brentford, and Liverpool falling at the hands of League One side Oldham.  And who says quality is down this year in England...?  As a matter of fact, we do.  

Although -- rather untypically for us -- we don't say much more.  Other than the following:

o Could someone please explain the theory behind coaching in the FA Cup?   The latest craze seems to be putting out your best 10 outfield players plus your backup goalkeeper. Why the backup goalkeeper?  If you're going to put your best team out, put your best team out. Otherwise, it's just a passive aggressive form of football.

o Meanwhile, the backup 'keepers played their parts to perfection, with Chelsea's Ross Turnbull and Liverpool's Brad Jones being cast as the fumbling boobs. If their performances this weekend weren't so funny, they would have been hilarious. In fact, if that was Rafa's intention, it makes one wonder why Hilario wasn't in the net this weekend Sunday for the Blues....

o With Manchester United racking up the sponsorships, here's an idea for Merseyside to even things up: Liverpool's Cup run this season could have been sponsored by Butterfingers.

o And back Stateside, on Fox Soccer, Warren Barton called Andre Santos the worst player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt. Based on some of the shots the Brazilian took on Saturday, the scary thing is that Barton may be right.

o Our favorite FA Cup substitution of all time: Cesar Azpilacueta coming on for Ashley Cole. With Chelsea losing late game, 2-1, at League One side Brentford. And Demba Ba still on the bench.

o And Chelsea fans knew just how to react, showing their love for Rafa with a song reserved in recent days for Arsene Wenger and Steve Kean: "You don't know what you're doing."

But we do, and this is farlieonfootie for January 28.

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