Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Cayman Islands Brewery Caybrew Euro Pale Lager

(5.00% ABV).  Poured into a modified pilsner glass, Caybrew was a clear, thin goldish color, with a head that's white as the driven snow -- in fact, after the pour my waiter gave me, I was surprised that only half of the glass was full of foam.

The beer was nicely carbonated. Sampled while on a recent trip to the Cayman Islands, Caybrew had a relatively innocuos, malty smell to it.  The taste follows the nose: it was malty, with a slightly musty overtone.

It's a very basic light lager, and nothing special. It could be decent on a very hot day, but it would need to be icy cold. I definitely don't want to taste this one when it warms up. C-.

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