Friday, July 29, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Collaboration Cornholio Baltic Porter

(Approx 7.00% ABV).  A collaboration between three of the most innovative American brewers, Cornholio came about as a project involving Dogfish Head Brewing out of Delaware, Short's Brewing of Michigan, and Three Floyd's Brewing from Indiana.  The beer was brewed using a combination of Michigan horehound (a minty herb), Indiana red popcorn, and Delaware and Cape May plums. 

Brewed for a festive event held in northern Michigan in mid-July, and served on tap at the Short's Brewing brewpub in Bellaire, Michigan, Cornholio poured a murky caramel orange -- a lot lighter looking than I expected. Cornholio had a mild hop sweetness on the nose, with just a touch of a mellow banana scent. I got a slight bit of belgian candy sweetness mixed with citrus on first taste, followed by some sourness on the finish. The beer was medium bodied with good carbonation.  I'll have another, please! A-.

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