Wednesday, March 26, 2014

David Moyes Must Go: Manchester United 0 - Manchester City 3

Eden Dzeko bookended halftime with two goals, the first coming less than a minute after the opening whistle, to lead Manchester City to a third straight derby victory over cross-town rivals Manchester United, and Yaya Toure added a third goal in stoppage time to create the game's final scoreline. The performance was another vintage effort under David Moyes, as a shapeless and shiftless Manchester United showed little fluency in attack and created a paucity of opportunities in front of a sullen and early departing home crowd at Old Trafford on Tuesday night. Displaying his now familiar flummoxed look on the sideline, a clueless Moyes could only sit and watch as the blue half of Manchester rolled easily past his charges, challenging virtually every United cross and breaking up almost all of the Red Devils' offensive chances before they had the opportunity to become even remotely threatening.

Shut out at home yet again this season, United displayed a willingness to attack before the interval but too often lacked a focal point to their offensive efforts. Defensively the team appeared nervous and exceedingly edgy, and they were victimized by a routine training ground exercise for the goal that put the game well out of reach. Having been warned only minutes before when Fernandinho headed just over the bar, seemingly half of the home side's defense stood like statues as the big Bosnian landed the killer blow. City closed out the game in a state of exceeding comfort, as United seemed almost content to surrender to a fate they have become increasingly familiar with this season. Coming after yet another false dawn of two straight victories, the derby loss served only as a stark reminder of the action urgently required by the club's directors: David Moyes Must Go.

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