Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Short's Brewing Nicie Spicie Spiced Wheat Ale

(5.20%) From the bottle. Nicie Spicie pours a viscous, lemonish yellow, with a cloudy appearance and just the thinnest white line of head. The smell is definitely citrusy orange, with just the barest hint of ginger. The first thing that hits me upon tasting is that this is different than most other spiced wheat beers I've ever had. I like it -- alot. With just a little hint of ginger, it's refreshing and clean tasting, and thinner than you might expect. As I continue to drain my glass I'm getting a bit of white pepper on the finish, which gets steadily hotter as you drink, but never too hot. This is a really good beer, a very different take on one of my absolute favorite styles. I give it an A.

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