Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seven Things I Dont Understand

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I have only one comment on this piece from Correspondent Ed. I'm surprised there's only seven:

1.  Alex McLeish

Okay, so Villa needs a coach, but is McLeish their best option?  Somehow I recall this guy coaching a team that has just been relegated.  Granted, it wasn't a team with that much talent, but they looked absolutely awful at the end of the season.

And why bring in someone who creates such controversy?  Why amp up the cross-town fans even further?
There seems to be a strange trend among all GM's to hire coaches with experience, regardless of whether or not that experience is good.  Is it really possible that there is no lower division coach that far exceeded expectations?  No one that might have been good enough to, oh I don't know, get a 17th place finish for Birmingham?  Please.  To me Villa is showing once again why they will never be more than a second tier club.

2.  Nolan to West Ham

How does one of the best players on his team leave the EPL for The Championship?  Were the locker rooms too nice?  The crowds too big?  Was there no other team in the EPL that might have wanted you?

And what's with Newcastle?  Trading Andy Carroll for huge money makes sense.  Selling Nolan for a few mil doesn't.

3.  Charlie Adam

Apparently, Liverpool has already made an offer to Blackpool for about three times what they offered mid-season, and that offer was rejected.  Now they're apparently offering even more.  Somehow, I recall the angst emanating from fans and the press that if Blackpool waited until they were relegated they wouldn't get anything for him.  Well, I guess that's wrong.  Still waiting for the mea culpas.

4.  300 Million and No Center Backs

This week against Guadeloupe the USA put Bocanegra in the center and dropped Tim Ream.  They were better, but still somewhat shaky.    Boca is a serviceable veteran, but not the best we should be able to do.  How come a position that doesn't demand footwork but only demands athleticism isn't easily filled on the US national team?  Are there no tall fast athletes in the US who, let's speculate, weren't quite good enough for basketball but might make good defensemen?  See, e.g.,Tim Howard.

5.  Darren Bent in but Ashley Young Out

Simply put:  Villa, do you want to win or don't you?  I'm confused.

6.  Luka Modric and the Champions League Final

Now Chelsea wants the little man and has offered something like 35MM US for him, only to be rejected.  I can't believe how much that United beat down by Barcalona has increased the value of the little guy.

7.  Why Barca Wants Fabregas

I frankly don't see him starting at Barca.  One network said he's the natural replacement for Xavi.  Huh?  If Fabregas was Xavi then Arsenal would have about 4 titles by now.  He's not.  They don't.  Might I paraphrase Barca's coach's comments about Jack Wilshere after the team's loss to Arsenal:  "Barca has better guys on their practice team than him."


FIFA's Proposal to Increase International Friendlies

I thought the talk after the World Cup was about how the top players were playing too many games.  So now you add more irrelevant games?  It's almost as if FIFA's newly elected leader is the same guy that awarded the World Cup to Qatar.  What, was he the only guy on the ballot or something?

This is farlieonfootie for June 16.

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