Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where are We Now? (Some Thoughts After Round 32 of the BPL)

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Ed Never Asks for Directions, Even When Lost in the Woods:

I found myself listening to David Bowie's ethereal new hit "Where Are We Now?" the other day, and my thoughts wandered to the twilight of this year's BPL season:

United: The Worst Best Team in Recent Memory

With RVP gone cold, United is ending the season by limping across the finish line. (Wait, who was it that said United would be mid-table if not for RVP?  That's right, everyone other than their supporters).  Their point total is impressive, especially considering their lack of central midfield players or defenders.  It was exposed, of course, on Monday, when City made them look every much the B-team of Manchester.  It's possible that the plan was to counter them.  However, it says something that they just acquiesced control to the Citizens even if that was the plan.  They don't exactly do that to Arsenal or Chelsea.  It also cannot be concluded that the plan was to allow City to dominate them, which they did.  Giggs on Toure was a mismatch of the highest order.  Rooney was feckless as he has been for much of the season.  United were fortunate to be even close in that game.  It's possibly the worst they've looked in some time.  Yet . . . yet . . . they are so far ahead of City the league's been done for months.  Go figure.


Now barely two points ahead of Arsenal, it looks to be happening again.  I would say there's at least even odds that Arsenal will pass Spurs into fourth place this season.  That result will be familiar but catastrophic for Spurs.  It's also sickening that Arsenal is continually able to do this despite constantly being the most disappointing team in the league.  No, more than disappointing -- somehow the team just seems pathetic at times.  I mean, imagine relying on Laurent Koscielny to keep the center of the defense tough:  Eeek.

Even so, with Bale out and a tough game against Manchester's A-team to follow, it's not going to easy for Spurs.  Plus, even Gervinho is hot right now for the Gunners.  Unbelievable, considering his lack of talent. The question is, is AVB really that much better than Uncle Harry was last year?  If you just tally the points, the answer is no so far, despite his so-called tactical advantage.  Well, here's to hoping they pull it out.  Otherwise, Bale is definitely gone as will be others.

Liverpool and Everton

How good has Correia been for Liverpool?  Who, you ask?  Well, I am sick of calling Brazilians by the names other than their last name.  Don't get it; don't like it.  I'm speaking, of course, about Coutinho.  Sterling has found his way to the hard bench since he's appeared.  His footwork is phenomenal, as is his vision.

Kevin Mirallas has been equally impressive for Everton.  It's amazing how the A-team of greater Liverpool continue to uncover talent on a shoestring budget.

Over the Hill

Finally, some congratulations is due to Corresp. Scott and, well, me, for competing in our first soccer tournament in a year.  Not only were we not injured, but somehow we made it to the finals in the over 35 bracket.  Sadly we lost, but hey, there's always next year.  Maybe.



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