Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bad Ode (Not Technically) on Luis

photo by jikatuvia PhotoRee

Scott waxes lyrical about his (kinda sorta) favorite striker:

Should he go, should he stay?
I think he signed a six year deal.
What did he say in Uruguay?
And if he left how would we feel?

No more toothy grimace here,
No more racist taunting there.
Would we pout or shed a tear?
Or cry about how that’s not fair?

No more diving on the pitch,
No more writhing on the grass.
If he left for CL itch,
Would we mope or raise a glass?

Don’t be silly, Kopite rabbit,
His dribbling tricks could fill up bowls,
‘Megging others to feed his habit,
of scoring loads and loads of goals.

So yes we want him here for now,
Want him scoring just the same,
Then he can leave us anyhow,
When we’ve played a CL game.

This is farlieonfootie for April 6.

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