Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scraping Bottom

photo by CottonCandyvia PhotoRee

o OK, we've joked about it before on these pages, but clearly it's no laughing matter.  Three drivers on the same team banned from getting behind the wheel of a car?   Something tells us it's either time for a full-time Drivers Ed instructor at the Etihad, or else these people need to hire RedCap.  ASAP.

o Criticize Sir Alex if you'd like, but on this issue he's spot on.  The international friendlies disrupt the rhythm of the season, injure star players, and most importantly, play havoc with our fantasy football team selections.  Stop them now, FIFA!

o Are there ever any new hires made in football, or is it just one big game of Musical Chairs...?  We've got nothing against Brian McDermott, but seriously.  He was just fired, and as soon as a club needs a manager he gets the call?  Was there no one else capable of coaching Leeds other than Reading's castaway?

o And on the other side of the FA Cup Semi-final:  Zzzzzz.....

o We can't afford to pay: Times are indeed tough at Reading, despite the fact they're owned by a Billionaire.  Hey!  You think he got rich by paying people well?

o Who says Arsenal hasn't won any trophys?  Oh, those were in women's soccer?  Never mind....
This is farlieonfootie for April 13.

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