Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Humble Pie: Ed on Spurs

photo by The Gifted Photographervia PhotoRee

Just when Spurs thought they were good, just when they thought they could run with the big boys, just when they thought top four might actually be possible . . . . . down comes the hammer.  Oh what a tease this team is.

Not unlike last year, Spurs were pretty much violated by Liverpool.  Mario Balotelli really should have had 3 in the first half, but somehow blundered them.  For some reason this is always the case with this guy -- tons of raw talent that almost but never really materializes.  Wonder if that will happen at Liverpool.  Wonder if at the end of the day he's really just not that effective . . . . .

But, wow, Sterling and Sturridge were just way too fast for sSurs.  As was their new defender, Alberto Moreno, who promptly took the ball from Andros Townsend and rampaged 70 yards down the field before putting it in the back of the net.  These Spurs fought hard in the first half -- Lamela in particular -- but again showed that they were a cut below this tier, even if Liverpool isn't quite top tier.

Troubling for Spurs was the back line, with Kaboul and even Vertongen not looking good.  Perhaps the former isn't; perhaps the latter is just in a spell of bad form.  It's hard to say.

I will say this, the first half was fun to watch.  Spurs did make a few chances for themselves and did their best to grapple with a team that just outran them.  Plus this is the manager's third game for the team -- it's difficult to expect that much from him at this point.  What we do see, though, is a team that is plucky and skilled.  And players who looked pretty much awful last year, like Capoue and Nacer Chadli (and Lamela) have all looked good.  Soldado? Well he hasn't exactly been on the field much yet, so probably not.

Still wondering what's up with Paulinho.  Injury?  Does the coach just not like?  We will see.

Was sad to see Sandro get moved as he was a hard player.  Also sad to see Holtby gone on loan as I thought he did everything he could to make the team this summer.  And poor Dawson -- definitely not a top tier defender but certainly a guy who brought a ton of heart to the team.  The poor man's John Terry if you will (in only the good ways, of course).  Well, we see what our new guy, Benjamin Stambouli from Montpellier of League 1 can do.  When you don't have lots to spend, buy French.  As Wenger has shown, sometimes there's deals to be had there.




This is farlieonfootie for September 3.

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