Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project Jack D'Or Saison

(6.50% ABV) Poured from a bottle into a modified pilsner glass. Jack D'Or poured a thick, lemony yellow, with a bright white fluffy head.

The beer's smell was all lemon and fresh yeast. It smelled spicy, before I even lifted the beer to my lips.

The tatse, though, was restrained -- very restrained -- with a peppery citrus at the beginning followed by yeasty bite.  The finish was intensely bitter sourness; the hops are definitely apparent on this one.

I've heard a lot about this brewery, but it feels as if they are trying to hard to impress here -- as if the beer is aspiring to be more than it is. I'll give it a B

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