Saturday, March 23, 2013


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News and Notes from Around the World of Football:

o Newcastle fans like to have their day out -- although their idea of a fun time might be slightly different from yours and mine.  Ripping up the pitch, stealing balls and dropping trousers pre-game...?  And we thought that only happened in Correpsondent Ed's Geriatric League....
o Sir Alex thinks the pitch at Old Trafford is "dead?"  You should see the conditions they played in back in the days when Correspondent Scott was active....
o We have a couple of quick words of advice for all those slating Rio Ferdinand over his decision not to risk injury and disrupt his specialized training regimen to play against European minnows San Marino, but we can't print them in this family-oriented publication.  Where were all of these know-it-alls when the very same Ferdinand was left out of the squad that faced Brazil for "footballing reasons?"
o Good news to report: Henry Winter has a solution to the problems bedeveling the FA.  His brilliant thesis goes something like this: Be harder on Manchester United.  Because the FA never holds the Champions to a double standard, do they Hank?

o After his wonderstrike against the Brazilians on Thursday night, we wonder if the Manchester City brass is beginning to re-think that whole Mario Balotelli trade thing....

And finally, one word to close: Phew....

This is farlieonfootie for March 23.

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