Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Clown Shoes Brown Angel American Brown Ale

(7.00% ABV)  Poured into a modified pilsner glass from the bottle, at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Clown Shoes' Brown Angel is, indeed -- as the name would suggest -- brown, with a hint of ruby, and some effervescent bubbles rising from the depths of the glass. There's an inch thick head of mocha-colored shaving cream that never really goes away.

There are some sharp hops and malt on the nose, with both scents apparent in equal measure. There's also some licorice or anise present.

Smoke is the first sensation I taste, followed by a nice, hoppy mellowness.  I'm also getting coffee and chocolate.  It's fairly different from other brown ales I've tasted previously. I don't know if Iove it, but I definitely don't hate it. B

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