Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Stevens Point Brewery Point Cascade Pale Ale

Photo by soundfromwayout on Flickr

Beer: Stevens Point Brewery Point Cascade Pale Ale

Appearance: Surprisingly clear, light golden beer with very thin head and not much lacing.

Smell: I get some fruit/citrus overtones, but mostly yeast.   Again, surprising for this style.

Taste: The word that comes to mind is bland, perhaps the blandest pale ale I’ve ever had.  It is over carbonated and certainly crisp, but tastes more like a summer lager than a pale ale.

Mouthfeel: Very thin – soda water.

Overall: Huge disappointment from a brewery I respect.  I really like their marzen but this is just flat out poor.  Served in the environmentally favorable container –  a can –  that many craft breweries are moving to, so they do get props for that. 
Otherwise, a big disappointment.  Maybe something decent on a hot summer day, but that’s about it:  C-

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